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When is carrying a gun in your vehicle illegal?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2021 | Weapons Crimes |

People in Colorado have firearm rights based both on the U.S. Constitution and state law. Colorado is different than many other states in its approach to firearms because the state prohibits the creation of a firearm registry.

There are few legal restrictions on what you firearms you can own, and the state is generally reasonable in what limitations it places on carrying and using firearms as well. Some people may have become so comfortable with their legal firearms that they start making unsafe decisions.

You have to be careful to comply with state law, especially when transporting a firearm in a vehicle. Otherwise, you might unintentionally break the law.

Limits on the transportation of firearms in vehicles

Colorado does not have many restrictions on the open carrying or transportation of firearms, but the ones it does have are crucial for you to follow. Then otherwise legal attempt to transport a legally owned firearm like a shotgun or a rifle could become a criminal offense if you don’t check the firearm for ammunition first.

All firearms other than pistols or revolvers transported in motor vehicles must be unloaded. Sometimes people remove excess ammunition without realizing there is still a single bullet or shell left in the firearm. Due diligence every time you transport hunting or sport firearms can go a long way toward protecting your freedom.

Even if you thought the firearm was not loaded, the police discover the opposite during a search, you could find yourself facing weapons charges under Colorado law.


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