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Can you take marijuana out of the state?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2021 | Drug Crimes |

Colorado is notoriously one of the first states to make marijuana legal for recreational use. This has now been taken up by many other states, with new ones seemingly adding similar laws every year. 

This often means that Coloradans no longer think of marijuana the way that people in other states — such as Texas — tend to view it. They think of it more like alcohol. You have to be careful how you use marijuana — you can’t use and drive, for instance — but having it in your possession really isn’t a big deal. 

This mindset may lead you to believe you can take it with you on a road trip this summer. But are you really allowed to move it out of the state?

Two things you need to remember about marijuana and the law

There are two main things to remember about marijuana laws. The first is that marijuana that was legally bought in Colorado still becomes illegal in states that still other laws on the books that make the drug illegal. Even if your destination is another state where marijuana possession is legal, passing through other states puts you on the wrong side of the law if you’re caught. 

Secondly, the federal ban on marijuana still stands, despite the changes in the laws of numerous states. Therefore, just crossing state lines at all becomes a problem. You could face federal charges for doing so, even though you made a legal purchase and then entered another state where marijuana is also legal. 

What are your defense options when you’re charged with a drug crime?

If you’re facing drug charges related to marijuana possession or transport (perhaps because you did not realize you were breaking the law), you need to know exactly what options you have to protect your future. Working with an experienced defense attorney is key.


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