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Does over-prescribing mean you’re running a pill mill?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2021 | Drug Crimes |

A so-called “pill mill” is illegal and can result in arrest for the doctor who is prescribing the drugs and medications to his or her patients. These operations are often targeted by the authorities, who claim that they are helping to create an epidemic or simply making it easier for people to get drugs they shouldn’t be allowed to use — and which they are selling or using recreationally. 

As a doctor, you may become very wary of over-prescribing some medications, like opioids. You feel like accidentally giving someone slightly more than they need could land you in trouble, and you could be accused of running a pill mill. Is this going to happen? 

How a pill mill actually works

While accidental overprescribing can be a problem, that’s not what makes an office into a pill mill. There is no intent. Doctors who are committing fraud are doing this intentionally to reap financial rewards. There’s a big difference between that and making a mistake. 

Justification also plays a role, in that pill mills usually hand out prescriptions that do not have medical justification. Even if you have given someone more than you should have, your patient still has a reason why they need that medication. Again, it’s just a very different situation than what the authorities are cracking down on. 

Are you facing charges?

Unfortunately, your honest mistake could leave you facing some serious drug charges. If you are, they could lead to fines, jail time and the loss of a career. Be very sure you know what legal steps you can take to protect your future. An experienced defender can help you understand more. 


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