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How have Colorado gun laws changed in 2021?

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2021 | Weapons Crimes |

As a gun owner, you need to comply with all the relevant laws. Yet, if you prefer to stay away from the news, you might not realize when gun laws change and could find yourself in trouble for doing what was once legal.

The Colorado governor signed two new gun bills into law this June. The first, House Bill 1106, already applies. It went into effect on July 1. The second, Senate Bill 78, will take effect sometime in September.

House Bill 1106 may affect how you store your firearms

If you have a license to own a gun, you need to make sure juveniles or those without a permit cannot get hold of your weapons. You need to store them in either:

  • A secure container
  • A gun safe
  • Or with a trigger or cable lock

If you do not do that and they are not on your person, you could face Class 2 misdemeanor charges.

What does Senate Bill 78 say about firearms?

This bill requires you to report the loss of a gun to the police within five days of you noticing it is lost or stolen. Failing to do so could lead to civil charges or misdemeanor charges.

There were other changes to gun laws earlier in the year, which could cause you problems if you do not know about them. One increases the severity of background checks. The second allows local authorities to impose gun restrictions that are tighter than the state laws. So what goes in one area of Colorado may no longer be legal in another part.

If you face firearms charges, it is crucial to understand all the relevant laws that apply. Only then can you look for the best argument to defend yourself.


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