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Remember that 18-wheelers make wide turns

| Sep 8, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When turning in any direction, 18-wheelers tend to make very wide turns. For instance, you can see this when a driver turns left and swings out through the opposing left-turn lane. This also happens when they turn right and swing wide to make it around the curb. 

These turns can lead to a lot of risks. For instance, if a car is sitting in the left-turn lane and waiting for the light to change, an 18-wheeler that turns through that lane could strike the car’s front corner. The only way to avoid this may be for the car to back up, but that’s not always possible, especially if other vehicles are behind it. 

The trailer also tends to cut the corner on a right turn and will not perfectly follow the cab. If the cab makes a tight turn, the trailer could bump up over the curb and hit pedestrians on the sidewalk, cyclists in a bike lane and many others. 

Furthermore, if a semi-driver moves out wide for their right turn, another driver may believe an entire lane is on the right. They could drive up into the truck’s blind spot and then get crushed as the trailer swings directly through that space. 

What do you do about serious injuries? 

Any of these situations can lead to serious injuries, and you may believe that a negligent truck driver is at fault. 18-wheelers often weigh up to 80,000 pounds, so even a low-speed accident can be catastrophic. Make sure you are well aware of your rights to compensation if you suffered injuries in such a wreck. 


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