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What counts as “domestic violence” may surprise you

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2021 | Domestic Violence |

To many, domestic violence means physical assault that results in injury to the victim. However, that is only one form of domestic abuse. There are other forms of domestic violence, each with its destructive consequences to all parties involved. According to a recent report, the statistics on domestic violence paint a rather grim picture, and such cases are on the rise all over the country.

 If you are facing domestic violence charges, it is important to take them with the seriousness they deserve. A conviction is likely to impact other areas of life, such as your career, and also, your reputation may be irretrievably damaged.

Forms of domestic violence

You can be accused of domestic violence for a number of different behaviors, not just physical violence. For example:

  • Emotional abuse and intimidation. This includes any behavior or action that exploits your partner’s insecurities, vulnerability, or character. It may also involve continuous degradation, manipulation, or intimidation, all detrimental to the victim.
  • Economic abuse involves having total control over your partner’s access to financial resources, forcing them to be entirely dependent on you financially.
  • Stalking your partner can also be a form of domestic abuse. It can be defined as knowingly engaging in a course of action that would cause a reasonable person to fear for their safety. Such a course of action includes maintaining visual contact or unwarranted physical proximity to the victim.

Finding a way forward

As mentioned, a domestic violence conviction can negatively impact your life, even years after the fact. This is why it is crucial to plan and execute a successful defense strategy. Knowing more about your case will put you in a better position regarding what to expect along the way. It will likely increase the likelihood of things going your way at the end of it all.


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