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How should you transport a gun in Colorado? 

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Weapons Crimes |

You buy a new firearm from a private seller. Everything goes smoothly as you sign the paperwork and exchange the money. Then you get back into your car to drive home. 

What should you do with that gun? You don’t have a concealed carry license. Can you just set it in the back seat? Are there any rules you need to know about gun transportation so that you don’t run into legal trouble if, for instance, you get pulled over on the way home? 

You can legally have the gun in your vehicle

The good news is that, unlike some other states, Colorado makes this fairly easy. You are allowed to have that gun in your car. You do not have to get any type of permit in advance. This is similar to how you can have your firearms in your home without a permit. Don’t conceal the gun as you move it from the car to the house and you’ll be fine. 

If you do get pulled over or have anything happen that makes you concerned the police won’t understand why you have the gun, such be honest and upfront about it. Tell the officer that you just bought a gun, you have the paperwork, and you’re merely taking it home with you. In most cases, this is enough for the whole thing to go smoothly. 

However, there are cases where you can face arrest, such as if you conceal your gun without a proper permit. If you face arrest after an honest mistake, you need to understand the legal defense options that you have. 


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