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3 reasons not to plead guilty to domestic violence charges

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2021 | Domestic Violence |

Sometimes, an argument between partners gets out of hand, and someone calls the cops. After an arrest for domestic violence, you may worry about going to court.

You might think that the more time you spend in court, the more likely people are to hear about the charges against you. Therefore you may decide to plead guilty in an attempt to keep the matter out of court. However, pleading guilty to any domestic violence charge could be a serious mistake. 

You could lose your firearm rights

Even misdemeanor domestic violence charges can affect your right to own a gun legally. Not only could you have to give up a hobby that you love or risk being unable to defend your family, but your career could also be at risk if you are a police officer, a security professional or a military service member. 

You could face housing challenges

It is common for judges to impose personal restrictions on someone convicted of a domestic violence charge. These might include limitations on your communication with the other party or instructions to cease cohabitating with them. 

The charges could affect your parental rights

Even if you and the other party don’t have children now, you might do in the future. These charges that seem so insignificant now could have a major impact on your parental rights if you separate from the other person in the future. Even a new romantic partner could use a previous domestic violence charge against you in court in some cases. 

If you face domestic violence charges, it is crucial to understand more about your defense options. 


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