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Don’t assume a car accident is minor

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you get involved in a car accident, and you don’t feel any obvious injuries – like a broken leg – you may assume that you got out of it unscathed. You may be happy that you were in a minor accident and nothing serious has come of it.

And you may be right, but it’s important not to assume that you are. In some cases, it can take weeks for people to really understand the full ramifications of the injuries that they’ve suffered. Even if it doesn’t take that long, it could be hours or days until you really know.

If you don’t take any action right after the crash and you and the other driver just go your separate ways, this can be problematic on many levels. For one thing, you’re not getting the medical care that you need. For another, you may find it difficult to track that person down after the fact.

And what if you are seriously injured?

Sometimes, the adrenaline from getting in a car accident can make you feel like you haven’t been injured when you really have. You may notice the next day that you’re having some serious symptoms and then go to the hospital.

But what if that trip leads to incredibly high medical bills and a lot of other costs? You’re much better off to get that taken care of immediately, both because the injuries may be less severe at that time and because you can then begin seeking the compensation you need from the other driver.

If you have left the scene or made any of these mistakes, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t seek compensation. It may just be more complicated. Be sure you know what steps to take.


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