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Can buying a silencer lead to Colorado firearm charges? 

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Weapons Crimes |

You may have firearms for various purposes. People frequently use rifles for hunting or skill shooting, while shotguns are popular tools used by ranchers who must defend their animals against predators. People who carry handguns often do so for self-defense purposes or because of their careers. 

When you regularly handle and practice with firearms, you will be intimately familiar with how they function and with the risks that they pose. One of the biggest concerns for those who frequently use firearms is the risk of hearing loss. 

A silencer or noise suppression accessory could be a way for you to protect your privacy and also your hearing. Are they legal in Colorado? 

Colorado does not allow silencers

Like many other states, Colorado does impose certain restrictions on weapons. People can not own what the state refers to as dangerous weapons, and firearms equipped with silencers or suppression accessories fall under that definition. 

The state does allow certain people to secure licenses for dangerous weapons. Still, purchasing these popular accessories will require that you comply with federal firearm accessory regulations. Specifically, you will need a federal license to legally possess a suppression accessory in addition to the state license. 

If police officers in Colorado find you in possession of a silencer without the appropriate paperwork in place, you could wind up arrested and charged with a crime despite the fact that the accessory is technically not mentioned by name under Colorado law. Learning the rules that apply to firearm ownership can help you reduce the risk of accidentally committing a firearm offense.


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