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Weapons Crimes

Why do guns need to contain metal?

Did you know that it is often legal to make your own firearm in a 3D printer? These printers generally create plastic components, and people will download plans off of the internet and then print the guns at home. There are many cases in which you can do this without...

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Can I fly with a gun? 

The Second Amendment protects your right to own and carry a firearm. However, flying with a gun is a totally different story. You just cannot throw a gun into your carry-on bag like any other device and hop into a flight.  Flying with a gun does not have to be a...

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Are machine guns legal in Colorado?

The right to bear arms is something that many people across America take seriously. This is a fundamental right that is guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the constitution. However, as always, a balance must be struck between public safety and the rights of other...

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