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Divorce doesn't have to be a fight

Divorce can be a difficult event to get through for many Colorado couples. It can be even harder to get through for those who are trying to raise children afterwards. However, allowing emotion to rule the decision-making process can lead to a divorce that takes more time and money than necessary to finalize. One of the things that people can do to avoid delays is to recognize what triggers them.

Making a plan for child custody

A growing number of divorced Colorado parents prefer joint custody, a solution that's also supported by many family courts. However, ironing out the details of a parenting plan can be challenging practically as well as emotionally difficult. Most parents want as much time with their children as possible, and it can be upsetting to consider splitting up time with the kids. However, a positive co-parenting experience can be important to supporting the children's emotional stability and development and helping them to adjust to the divorce.

What happens when wealthy couples divorce

Very wealthy people in Colorado who divorce may have to go through a particularly complicated process of property division. The divorce of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, is one example although there are some differences since Washington is a community property state.

Successfully handling retirement funds in a divorce

For couples who decide to divorce in Colorado and elsewhere around the country, retirement funds usually represent their largest assets. As a result, people may be especially concerned about how they will be divided, both for their future financial goals and avoiding unwanted and unnecessary taxes, penalties and other fees. If individuals do not follow the proper steps to divide their accounts, they could face substantial costs that could otherwise be avoided. These funds are already a contentious issue in many divorces. A survey of divorce lawyers found that retirement accounts, along with alimony and business interests, were one of the top three causes of conflict.

How parents should address the holidays after divorce

After parents in Colorado divorce, they will have to decide what they and their children will do for the holidays. This can be a difficult decision for an ex-spouse to make because their judgment could be clouded by emotions such as sadness, anger or betrayal. Since children may also be feeling some of these same emotions, the holiday season could be especially challenging.

Divorce and child custody 101

When it comes to divorce with children, it helps to know how the courts determine child custody issues. In Colorado, whenever possible courts prefer to keep parents actively involved in their children's lives after separation or divorce. Parents can have a say in their custody agreements and should learn the pros and cons of each arrangement. Couples who actively work together during their divorce to resolve matters involving their children are well-placed to achieve their custody and visitation goals.

Is legal separation easier than divorce?

Divorce isn't just a breakup. It's a legal process that entails complex procedures, including determining child custody arrangements and property division. Consider these demands of divorce proceedings may cause you to wonder if there is an easier, less expensive way to part from your spouse.

3 common complications in military divorce

Getting a divorce is difficult enough without any further complications. But for couples with one or both spouses enlisted in the military, things can get even more complicated quite quickly. There are many different factors to consider, and you want to ensure that your involvement with the military does not result in an unfair outcome when you reach a divorce settlement.

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