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Divorcing with jointly held debts

When Colorado couples decide to split up, they might need to take some additional steps to protect themselves if they have jointly held credit card debt. Some divorcing spouses may even try to get revenge by running up debt on the credit cards.

Divorce and child custody 101

When it comes to divorce with children, it helps to know how the courts determine child custody issues. In Colorado, whenever possible courts prefer to keep parents actively involved in their children's lives after separation or divorce. Parents can have a say in their custody agreements and should learn the pros and cons of each arrangement. Couples who actively work together during their divorce to resolve matters involving their children are well-placed to achieve their custody and visitation goals.

How to explain divorce to your kids

Divorce is never easy. It gets messy, and there is often hostility and emotional pain as you adapt to a future different than the one you had planned. The situation might be even worse if you have kids to whom you must explain your separation. It is often challenging to communicate a complex topic to them without imparting the stress of the situation, too. Doing so is an important part of divorcing peacefully, though.

Am I allowed to tell my ex how to spend child support?

During your marriage, your ex was known for being frivolous with money, spending it on unnecessary items when your family needed more important things. Now that you are divorced and your ex has custody of the children, you worry that he or she will also spend the child support you pay unwisely. Child support spending is a valid concern for you and other Colorado parents who pay the parent with primary custody. However, before you tell your ex how to spend this money, you should understand how the family law courts interpret acceptable spending.

Upset over being asked to sign a prenuptial agreement?

You are very much in love and cannot wait to marry your sweetheart. However, the other day, Sweetie came home and asked you to sign a prenuptial agreement. "It is nothing personal," Sweetie took pains to say. "It is so I can protect assets that have been in my family for years." However, you feel insulted. Of course you would honor Sweetie's desire to keep these assets in the family in the unlikely eventuality of a divorce. To you, this prenuptial agreement conveys that Sweetie finds you untrustworthy and is not interested in truly building a life with you from scratch. It is unromantic and insulting.

How to create a viable parenting plan

Even when two divorced parents go about their child-rearing duties in a spirit of cooperation, it can be difficult to develop a workable parenting time plan. What with busy work schedules, school activities, and grandparents who want time with the kids, scheduling parenting time can be very difficult.

Video: Your future after divorce

If you are facing a divorce you may be afraid of the process and worry about the outcome. Because there is so much at stake, these feelings are normal. In addition to the division of property, if children are involved, custody could be at issue as well. You need someone who understands how you feel and can help you thorough the process.

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