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When a DUI becomes a felony charge

In most cases, drunk driving is considered a misdemeanor charge in Colorado. However, certain factors can aggravate the charges to a felony, which means you will be facing stiffer penalties if convicted. What can aggravate a DUI misdemeanor to a felony under Colorado...

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3 possible DUI defense strategies

You should not take a drunk driving charge lightly. A guilty verdict could send you to jail for a considerable period or subject you to hefty fines. That’s on top of the collateral damages that usually come with a conviction. Therefore, it is crucial to have a solid...

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Is a cybersex sting actually entrapment?

The show “To Catch a Predator” turned cybersex sting operations into a form of reality television and entertainment. Regardless of your feelings about that, the show also illustrated something that’s very important to understand: What entrapment is – and is not. When...

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