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Can a breathalyzer accurately diagnose drunk driving?

When somebody is pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence, police are going to do everything they can to make a final determination as to whether or not the person is legally drunk. This typically leads to the use of a breathalyzer test.

Drunk driving in Colorado: What to do and more

Drunk driving remains a problem in all states throughout the country, including Colorado. Even if you have never been in trouble for breaking the law in this manner, there is a good chance you know somebody who has. Furthermore, if you keep one eye on the news, you know that people are always being arrested for DUI throughout the state.

DUI Court can be a life-saving option for some Coloradoans

El Paso and Teller counties have special DUI Courts. They are designed for people who have had multiple DUIs and are considered high need or high risk. Some of the people who are accepted in the DUI Court program have had multiple drug and/or traffic offenses.

Alleged drunk driver hits Colorado Springs Police car

A man who police believe was drunk while driving his vehicle was involved in an accident recently, and the car that he hit was a squad car from the Colorado Springs Police Department. The officer who was in that squad car was not hurt, but it did make it easy for him to make the arrest.

Drunk driving and high driving are similar in Colorado

When people think of driving under the influence, they often first think of alcohol use. However, as the laws have changed in Colorado so that marijuana is legal, this is something that has also come to indicate getting behind the wheel after getting high.

A drunk driving arrest can go wrong

Colorado, just the same as every other state in the nation, looks down upon driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There is never a good time for a person to drive under the influence, as this increases the chance of an accident. Even if the person is able to avoid an accident, he or she could get in trouble with the law, leading to a fine and possible license suspension among other penalties.

Woman in Colorado accident dies in hospital

Police say that they think a man may have been drunk when his van allegedly went through a red light and plowed into a car in Colorado. The driver of that van, a man who is 50 years old and who is from Carbondale, did not suffer from any serious injuries since he was wearing his seat belt when the crash took place.

Colorado man arrested for DUI on lawnmower

A man in Colorado was arrested on suspicion of DUI as he drove along 8th Avenue over in Garden City. He was apparently bar hopping, according to officers -- driving from one establishment to the next. However, it wasn't just his driving that drew the attention of law enforcement officials, but his vehicle of choice.

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