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Indicators of domestic violence

Sometimes, a domestic violence charge in Colorado Springs starts because someone outside of the relationship sees something that he or she believes is an indicator of such violence. Below are a few of the more common ones that are noted in these cases.

Colorado appeals court rules victim's homes may be searched

In a controversial ruling by a Colorado appeals court, those charged with a crime may be allowed to search the homes of the victims. Five other states have had similar rulings, deciding that the right to a fair trial may outweigh the interests of privacy.

The impact of domestic violence charges in the military

Even if you are not in the military, being convicted on charges of domestic violence could have a huge impact on your life, especially when it comes to your rights in Colorado. You may no longer be able to buy firearms, for example. Even a short stint in jail could also cause you to lose your job, and the charges could make it hard for you to find a new one.

Can domestic violence replace other charges?

If you are standing on the sidewalk in front of a restaurant and you get in a fight with another person who thinks, for example, that you cut in front of him or her in line to get a table, you could be charged with assault for striking that person. However, if you strike your spouse, you could instead be charged with domestic violence. Since both incidents involve the same action on your part, does the domestic violence charge really replace the assault charge, just because it happened in the home?

Can an Alford plea be used in a domestic violence case?

When someone is charged with domestic violence, he or she may feel as though the charges were brought unfairly. The person accused of domestic violence may state that he or she is innocent of one or more of the elements of the charge.

Understanding strange catapult laws in Colorado

You may have heard that there is a law in Aspen, Colorado, that says that you cannot use a catapult to throw items at a building in the city. While it seems clear that you should not do this, it also seems like a very strange thing to have to make a note of. Are the lawmakers really that concerned about siege equipment from the Middle Ages being used in modern America?

Boxer Alvarado in need of criminal defense after another arrest

On Jan. 24, Mike Alvarado is supposed to meet Brandon Rios in the ring, and it's scheduled to be broadcast nationally on HBO. This is the third time the two boxers are supposed to meet, with the match being highly anticipated.

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