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Do the police always have to tell you why they're arresting you?

In many cases, the police are going to tell you why you're being arrested. They could show up with a warrant, or the arrest may be pretty obvious -- such as when you're picked up for drunk driving after blowing a .10 on a breath test.

Colorado appeals court rules victim's homes may be searched

In a controversial ruling by a Colorado appeals court, those charged with a crime may be allowed to search the homes of the victims. Five other states have had similar rulings, deciding that the right to a fair trial may outweigh the interests of privacy.

Understanding strange catapult laws in Colorado

You may have heard that there is a law in Aspen, Colorado, that says that you cannot use a catapult to throw items at a building in the city. While it seems clear that you should not do this, it also seems like a very strange thing to have to make a note of. Are the lawmakers really that concerned about siege equipment from the Middle Ages being used in modern America?

How do you defend yourself against a criminal charge?

Being charged with a crime can be very frightening, especially for those who have had little to no contact with the legal system before. There are several defenses that may be used to fight a criminal charge, with the most common listed below. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that any defense will be effective but having experienced legal representation is the first step.

A criminal defense attorney can answer many questions

It may not be something you think about often, but there could come a time when you need to hire a criminal defense attorney. This could be the case if you or a loved one was accused of a crime. Either way, you know the legal system is complex and that your rights need to be protected at all times.

What a criminal defense lawyer can provide

When faced with any type of criminal case, you are well aware that your future, as well as your reputation, is at stake. For this reason, you want to learn as much as you can about the crime you have been accused of. Along with this, it is important to focus on the criminal system in your state, including how people in your position are typically dealt with.

Armed man and woman arrested on I-70 in Colorado

A man and woman in Colorado allegedly went on a crime spree, carjacking a number of vehicles and carrying weapons, until they were arrested by officers out on I-70. Apparently, the suspects were getting close to cars on the interstate, and one picture from a news helicopter shows the man holding a rifle and walking near a pickup truck. Another picture from the air shows officers tackling the man and apprehending him.

9 could face ID theft and drug charges in Colorado

Nine people in Colorado could be looking at charges for ID theft and drugs, as they were all indicted recently. Five of them are women and four of them are men. According to the documents, they used money that they had gotten through illegal methods to then buy illegal drugs, which included methamphetamine.

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