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David Foley helped me through a difficult situation which put my business and reputation in jeopardy. As a result of his efforts, charges were completely dismissed and I have passed every high level security clearance and background check since. His relationships within the legal community are undoubtedly a benefit to all his clients.

F.A. Brown

When a serious situation arose that caused me great concern for my future, I seeked Mr. Foley’s help immediately. This man is a blessing! His calming tone eases anxiety immediately. The dialogue between us was thorough, affective and informative. His knowledge of the law is immensely reassuring. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is prompt and to the point. He explained the value of his service and in turn Mr. Foley was upfront about the business he conducts and what is expected in exchange for his service. Through his knowledge of the law, Mr. Foley was able to get us an amazing outcome.

— Big Rom

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