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Is sleepy driving just as dangerous as drunk driving?

You've probably read news reports about sleep studies indicating that being sleepy behind the wheel is just as dangerous as being drunk. But is that really true? Is drowsy driving as dangerous as intoxicated driving?

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety published a drowsy driving report, claiming that sleep-deprived drivers cause one out of every six fatal motor vehicle accident collisions. This equates to 17 percent of all deadly auto collisions. This statistic may be true, but it doesn't answer the question of whether drunk or sleepy driving is more dangerous. Discovery's Mythbusters television show hosts decided to stay up without sleep for 30 hours to arrive at a more definitive answer.

Have you considered how a DUI may affect your future?

Perhaps you have earned your undergraduate degree and are going for your master’s. On the other hand, perhaps you are already a member of the working class or are looking forward to landing your first job.

What happens to your plans if you are convicted of driving under the influence? A DUI on your record can affect more areas of your life than you think. It could turn your future around — and not in a good way.

How do I defend against sex crime charges?

Being charged with a sex crime is serious. Despite its seriousness, it doesn't have to define you as a person. Maybe you made an honest mistake. Maybe you've been charged by mistake. It could also have been a case of mistaken identity. For the most part, defendants in a sex crime case will typically proclaim their innocence. So, what are some defenses you can use for a sex crime charge in Colorado Springs?

The most common defense in a sex crime case is that of innocence. The defendant and his or her lawyer can argue that the defendant was not even at the scene of the crime. This would require an airtight alibi in order to be effective. To defend the alibi, the defendant and lawyer will need to provide credible evidence that backs it up, such as video, receipts or witness testimony.

Why pre-trial motions are important in criminal cases

In a number of our posts, we have highlighted different aspects of the process that criminal defendants in Colorado will go through. Indeed, a large majority of criminal cases will be resolved through plea deals. However, there are a number of instances where a trial may be necessary (especially if the defendant is charged with drug possession, a gun crime, a sexual assault, or any other crime).

In these situations, a pre-trial hearing may be held where the court may make decisions about critical pieces of evidence, and how they may be presented to a jury. This post will highlight some common issues that a court may decide.

A look at penalties and sentencing for theft charges

Being charged with theft can bring about penalties and sentencing that range from minor to severe. A simple theft case can turn your life upside down, even if you've never been charged with a prior crime. Today, we will take a look at the penalties and sentencing for theft charges in Colorado Springs.

The type of property that was stolen will help to determine the penalties and sentencing issued by the judge. Petty theft charges are issued against those who steal property that is worth less than $1,000. These are misdemeanor charges that come with jail time of less than one year and minimal fines.

Driver arrested after rollover crash in Colorado Springs

A rollover crash resulted in the temporary closure of Highway 24 on a recent Sunday evening in Colorado Springs. Police claim that a man was speeding westbound along Highway 24 when he struck the back of another vehicle being driven by a woman who suffered serious injuries in the collision.

The force of the collision caused the female driver of the second car to lose control of her vehicle and drive off the road. The woman's car struck two utility poles and flipped over onto its side. The woman could not get out of her vehicle after the crash and firefighters had to extricate her after arriving on scene. Emergency responders rushed the victim to a nearby hospital to be treated for serious injuries.

Acquiring a restraining order in Colorado

Victims of domestic violence, or any other violent crime, have a right to obtain a restraining order in an effort to protect themselves. This goes for those who are being stalked or otherwise abused by someone. The process to acquire a restraining order is cut and dry in Colorado and we will lay it out for you in today's post.

First things first in Colorado; you must acquire a temporary restraining order before getting a permanent restraining order. This type of order lasts for a total of 14 days and will give you a date and time for your next hearing. At the hearing you will then make the order permanent if you so choose.

What are the long-term effects of being incarcerated?

Being charged with a crime, depending on the severity, can change your life forever. Even some of the most minor crimes can cause you to serve an extended part of your life in jail and/or on probation. There are different defenses you can use to have a charge either dropped or reduced. If not, what are the long-term effects of being incarcerated?

One of the biggest obstacles for those who have been incarcerated is the difficulty finding a job upon release. Even though employers are not supposed to discriminate against those who have been in prison, it can be difficult to obtain employment with a criminal record.

Consequences of menacing with a deadly weapon

Colorado has laws against the act known as "menacing." In Colorado, menacing involves knowingly placing someone "in fear of serious bodily injury" or attempting to do so. Menacing with a deadly weapon would be the act of threatening another person while brandishing a gun, knife or similar item.

Everyone gets angry at some point or another, but all it takes it a single transgression to be charged with  menacing. This carries various consequences depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. 

Defenses to underage drunk driving

One of the worst decisions you can make in life is to drive under the influence of alcohol. You can make the situation worse by driving under the influence when underage. Underage drinking is, and always will be, a big problem in Colorado and across the country. Here are some possible defenses to underage drunk driving in Colorado.

One of the most common ways to have an underage drunk driving charge tossed in court is if there was a failure in protocol. For example, maybe the police officer who pulled you over and arrested you failed to read you your Miranda rights. It's also possible that if you were never given the option for a licensed physician to administer the breath test, you might be able to have the charges dismissed.

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